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What is Nurture For Mums?

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My Story


When I was pregnant with my little girl, we got offered the standard antenatal class through the hospital. It was extremely basic information about birth and what happens afterwards. We never got offered any education on breastfeeding, our postnatal body and what to look out for mental health wise in the first 6 – 12 months.

After I had Abigail, we got allocated our child health nurse (who was great) but as the mother we didn’t get any follow up on how WE were doing and at my 6wk check-up I didn’t even get examined (I had received stitches after birth), just asked a few basic questions and sent on my merry way.

I had to fumble my way through breastfeeding, and sleep routines. I tried going straight back into the high impact dance routines I was doing pre pregnancy and ended up hurting myself as my body wasn’t ready (I didn’t know). I ended up suffering from PNA and separation anxiety although didn’t realise until later on (I thought it was normal hormones).

When I walked into a post-women’s fitness class I was taught all about the woman’s body post birth from a Women’s health physio (mind BLOWN) and the exercises we should and shouldn’t be doing after birth (again mind blown). Mental health was an exceptionally big part of our training as well, as exercise can play such an important part in having a positive outlook PLUS we got to bond with our babies.

After this I realised my passion for learning about the postpartum body and how I wanted to help as many women as possible, so they too didn’t have to fumble through being a new mum like I did. That they could have all the information at their fingertips to come back to anytime and have the support of myself and other mums when times get tough.

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26 forrest st, Pinjarra

0427 816 529

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