Classes unearthed

Join us for some fun and mum n bub time

0-6mths - Tinies

This class runs normally for around 40/45mins as babies are usually ready for a feed or sleep by than. We incorporate singing, sign language, tummy time sessions, sensory (sight, touch, hear).Than we have free play time and coffee

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6-12mths - Tikes

Starting with a mat session we do singing and dancing use some musical instruments, explore the theme today with some kind of sensory activity. We than let the kids explore the soft play, ball pit and other activities we have setup for the week. After free play we come back to the mat for bubbles, story and good bye song. Afterwards we have coffee

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12-24mths - Tots

Same structure as above but we start to incorporate painting, craft and we also allow movement into our other pretend play areas. At the end we also stop for coffee

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2-4yrs - Tornadoes

Same as above with our structure. The activities get more advanced for their development. More fine motor craft and painting, climbing equipment and exploring our pretend play areas.
Also afterwards.... you guessed it we have coffee.

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Music and movement (15mths-4yrs)

Lots of singing, dancing, bubbles, parachute games, jumping, climbing, crawling. Alllll the good stuff to tire out your little ones and leave them with an overflowing cup.
And as above

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A postnatal group fitness class that incorporates dance, babywearing and low intensity interval training. We have 2 classes running currently; our normal kanga class which has dance tracks, low intensity and floor work and Kanga on wheel where we go for a walk and stop at intervals to do our LIIT tracks (wokring the arms and legs and buttocks).

You must be at least 6wks post vaginal or 12wks post cesarean to participate in these classes. 

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