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What is it?

Kangatraining is a complete workout during which both cardiovascular endurance/flexibility and muscular capacity/strength are enhanced. Unlike traditional exercise classes, new mums need not worry about finding a babysitter or minding an unsettled baby during class because the babies are worn on them and get to be part of the action! As well as the physical benefits, the opportunity to meet other local mums in a fun, relaxed environment boosts their emotional well-being.
The pelvic floor and abdominal muscles as well as correct posture are given special attention. Kangatrainers are also trained in babywearing best practices and can help mums ensure the safest and most comfortable carrying positions for their babies.
The name ‘Kangatraining’ comes from ‘Winnie the Poo’ where by the Kanga mother dotes on her playful and energetic baby joey Roo!

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A Bit About Me

Becoming healthier and happier for you and your baby

Hi my name is Naomi and I am a mum of 1 gorgeous little girl. When I had her I was scared to get back into fitness as my body was still so fragile from birth and being a new mum, getting back out into the world was a bit daunting. Kangatraining has made the transition back into fitness so much easier than i could have imagined. I get to exercise and work my whole body safely PLUS I don;t have to worry about my baby as she is right there with me the whole time. Exercise and bonding time with your baby, what could be better than that!!
Kangatraining is not just about getting fit. It is about becoming healthy in both the mind and the body so you can be the best version of yourself for your family. We create a community within our classes and support each other through both the physical and mental challenges of our lives.


Client Testimonials

Real Experiences, Stunning Results

I'm so glad I found Kangatraining, it got me moving and out of the house after having bub. Such a great and safe whole body workout! Lots of laughs and fun for both mums and bubs. I enjoyed that I didn't have to worry about bub - I could just take her along and she would nap in the carrier. 😊 I also enjoyed doing the online classes from my own living room whilst we couldn't do live classes. I would highly recommend this to all new mums - it helped me with my postpartum anxiety a lot and lead way to other types of excercise for me.

 Sirli Kellian

I have NEVER enjoyed any kind of fitness class I've done before. But this is different, this is welcoming, refreshing and friendly

Leah Jones


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