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Getting ready to be a family of 4

Sitting here days away from bringing the newest member of the family into the world and the anxiety is starting to kick in. The last 9 months of pregnancy has kind of been surreal in that it doesn't really feel real that you are growing ANOTHER member of the family and that you will soon be responsible for 2 little humans.

I must say this pregnancy although symptomatically has been better than the first, it has been alot more challenging, juggling the growing belly and fatigue with a demanding toddler. Now thinking about bringing this tiny bundle home AND having to look after a toddler the feeling of inadequacy is already making its niggly way into the brain.

How am I going to love 2 little people equally?

How am I going to be able to look after a newborn while still giving my toddler all the attention she deserves?

How am I going to look after these kids PLUS still keep everything together, house clean, food in the fridge, clothes washed?

Just writing those questions is giving me heart palpitations. But I also know you can't do it all, neither should you HAVE to do it all. It is times like these that you need a support network, what ever that may look like for you. Whether it is your partner, other family members or even just a friend you know you can turn to when needed. It is so important that you reach out and don't try to do it all on your own as that is the quickest way to burnout and descend into the pit of depression.

For me I have had the conversations with hubby about the food in the cupboard and what he can cook for dinner (in his case, nice and easy one pot wonders where he can follow the jar), expectations about helping more out with little miss 2. Also my mum has time off that will be around to help take little miss if needed. I also know I have a great support network of other mums to talk and vent to (alot are also going to be or are new mums again as well) when I need because lets face it, it is going to be a BIG adjustment.

Having this network in place is making the impending birth somewhat easier to deal with given my history with postnatal anxiety. Although it is going to be really tough for me to leave my girl for the night (which has never been done in her 2 years of life) I know she will be ok, me probably not so much lol..

The key I think to planning for any big change in your life is to put things in place that will make YOU more comfortable during the transition. Everyone deals with changes differently so it is not a one size fits all approach, so find the system that works for you and implement as much as you can. But don't forget you also need to be flexible as not everything goes to the plan in our head, so be prepared and educated about other scenarios that could happen and try to be relaxed throughout the process.

You got this :-)

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