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One Journey ends so another can begin

Tonight was a night of emotions for me. Both happy and sad. My exclusively breastfed 22mth old just went to sleep without feeding at all .

We have been slowly weaning as being 22 weeks pregnant breastfeeding was getting very painful for me and my milk had dried up anyway. It was a bittersweet moment when she went down without a fuss, my baby is growing up. It took a good couple of weeks to get to this point and it was by no means easy for either of us.

There were lots of tears, tantrums, cuddles and explanations to get to a point where we could read a book in bed and than l was able to sit next to her bed patting or just sitting while she fell asleep. Now she just points to my breasts and says "milk all gone" as that is what I have been explaining to her during our weaning time.

Im happy because now the next step is getting hubby to put her to bed .

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