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When our babies grow up

When we have our babies we are always excited when they hit a milestone like walking or their first word. However there comes a time when we start to wish they would slow down and be our babies forever.

When we had our little girl, i was so impatient waiting for her to roll, crawl, walk and talk. It felt like time was going so slow lol. When each milestone happened it was recorded and we all did a little happy dance. Im not sure when it started but eventually I stopped being so impatient for her next milestone and hoping for time to stand still.

It was none more so than when I recently had bub number 2. Our littlr miss 2yr old had always been a bit of a mummas girl, I was the one that had to put her to bed each nap time otherwise meltdowns would ensue, bath time was hard for dad as i had to walk her to the bath each night (have no idea why) and me leaving in general used to be challenging. So when i was told I had to go in to be induced which meant an extra night in hospital than planned I was anxious to say the least.

The day came and i said goodbye to my baby and little would i know i would be coming home to a beautiful not-so-little girl. That night she went to sleep in our bed with her dad no problems and slept through with no issue. The morning came and my mum came over to take her for the day so David could come meet me for the birth. She spent the whole day with Grandma, no meltdowns, no tears, nothing, even went down for her midday nap no problem.

Luckily for me I had bub pretty quick so I was able to come home that same afternoon. We got home and waited for my mum to bring her home. When she arrived I expected her to breakdown like she previously did when i was gone for more than a couple of hours, but nope she was all smiles and happy as Larry.

Now we are 5 weeks into life as a family of 4 and my girl has grown up so much, I am so proud but also sad that the days of me being her whole world is disappearing. This week we even learnt to go for a nap without me needing to sit there and pat her, again without any tears (she even kicked me out of her room for naptime today). I know she will always need me, but it will just be in different ways to what i am currently used to.

Now with my little man I am determined to soak up all this time while they are little and completely in need of me for everything. Time goes by so fast and they change so much in the first year. Dont rush for them to grow up because when they do you will wish for them to be small again.

Embrace all the moments as they happen and whenever they happen.

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